Murray At The University
of Georgia

At the beginning of October 2016, we were contacted by the University of Georgia, who was looking for a white bulldog puppy to shoot a video with. We submitted pictures of Murray, and low and behold, he got the job! On October 24, 2016, we checked in to our hotel in Athens and spent the next two days shooting video with the fine folks and wonderful videographers and photographers in Marketing & Communications at UGA. Murray and I were treated like royalty. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the students, facility, and staff, who showed us the utmost respect and kindness while we were there. We’ll always treasure the experience and realize how fortunate we were to be chosen for the opportunity to rank among the Dawgs at the University of Georgia!

Click on Murray's picture below to view the actual holiday video published by the University of Georgia. Another window will open up, and you'll be redirected to YouTube, where you can view the video.


Murray is now living in beautiful St. Simons Island, GA, where he lives with his full sister and two-legged family. He spends his days playing by the water, biking with his family, riding in the family car, eating wonderful meals, and sleeping like the big Dawg he is! Below is footage taken behind the scenes by Dorothy Kozlowski, photographer at the University of Georgia.

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