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In 2004, I was showing my Chihuahua at a local AKC Dog Show in Atlanta when, to my surprise, I looked around and couldn't find my husband. After my breed was finished, I found him in the Bulldog ring, watching intensely as they went around the ring. He told me of long ago when he owned one as a young adult and that he's always wanted another, so that set off a chain of events in search of the perfect Bulldog to gift him for his birthday. After much research and talking with other breeders, I found the perfect dog for him; the rest was history! I instantly fell in love and developed a passion for the breed. Little did I know then that it would start us on a journey that has been at the heart of our family ever since. We have dedicated our lives for the past 16 years to sharing our love of the English Bulldog with people worldwide, many of whom have become close friends, but all who have become part of our family! We are honored and blessed to be able to do this. It's truly a labor of love!

Dedicated to breeding better dogs, we are devoted to contributing to the overall excellence of the breed and strive to represent the AKC breed standard with carefully selective breeding on a limited basis. We breed quality, sound, healthy bulldogs with great temperaments and personalities!

Ashlyn Bulldogs
Ashlyn Bulldog


If you get a puppy from a responsible breeder, know that they have trusted you with a piece of their legacy, heart, and hard work.

Well-Socialized Puppies

Raised in our home, our Bulldogs are part of our family and are well socialized by us in a healthy, clean environment! We breed quality puppies for pet and show homes on a limited basis, our pet puppies are placed with AKC Limited Registration and a spay or neuter agreement. Our first and foremost priority is the health and happiness of each adult or puppy we place. Therefore, we insist that each placement is into a loving, caring, forever home. We DO NOT sell to pet stores, puppy brokers, wholesalers, or puppy mills, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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